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3 Ways To Get Visitors To Your Website

Having a website is a wonderful thing. You can add content to it, you can sell things from it, you can advertise on it and you can do all sorts of other things with a website. You can even just sit and admire it confident in the knowledge that your business is now online.

But whilst your business might be online your website is entirely useless unless it is attracting visitors. Without visitors your website is like the proverbial tree in the forest. Nobody knows it’s there.

The purpose of a website is to attract people who wish to see, or to read or to buy what your website offers. In other words you need people to visit the website who are interested.

There’s lots of different ways of achieving this, and here is 3 of them.

Advertise online

Of course whilst a business can advertise in the local newspaper the same business can also advertise on the Internet. There is absolutely no reason why you are prohibited from paying for advertising.

In fact paid advertising is how Google makes the billions of dollars that it makes. Virtually every web search done on Google shows a series of paid advertisements down the right-hand side of the page, and if you click on one of those advertisements you will be taken to the website of the company that is advertising. Continue Reading →

The Internet, The World’s Biggest Marketplace

The Internet is an extraordinary invention. It’s the most extraordinary communication tool ever invented in the history of the human race and it allows people from every corner of the world to connect with other people in any other corner of the world, or at least to do so if they have an Internet connection.

In the space of a few decades we have created an unsurpassed tool for fast and easy worldwide communication. Billions of people access the Internet and the number of websites online is growing exponentially.

However as well as being the most extraordinary communication tool in the history of humankind the Internet is also the most extraordinary marketplace in the world. Because of course where there are people there are customers, and where there are billions of people there are also billions of customers.

And the advantage of this for any business is reasonably obvious. Any business can access a massive number of customers for a relatively low cost. In fact the cost of doing business on the Internet is just a tiny fraction of the cost of doing business elsewhere. Continue Reading →

Can You Create A Website For Free?

These days, it seems, everybody wants to have their own website. Whether it’s your average 14 year old who wants a website to post a few videos of themselves doing silly things, or a family who wants to have their own family website or business that wants to promote their business on the Internet and sell their own products, everybody wants to have a website.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

A website is a wonderful thing. It’s a way to communicate with the world. It’s a way to contact billions of people (if it’s a very popular website) and it’s a way to get business. A successful business website can do wonders for the bottom line of a small company if they market a product which is available to be sold worldwide.

However it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to produce a website if you don’t know anything about it. There are certain technicalities involved in producing a website and whilst it is perfectly possible for a beginner to produce their own website from scratch it’s certainly not something that will be quick or easy.

Of course it’s perfectly possible to simply consult a professional who will build a website for you. However the reality for most people is that this is relatively expensive, and unless you have sufficient funds available to pay for this then it may be a little unaffordable. Continue Reading →

How pest removal companies are using hyper-local online marketing to grow their business

Marketing and promotion are essential activities for growing your business – whatever type of business that you run or whatever size your business is. Some types of businesses however rely specifically on sourcing their customers from a defined geographic area, the local neighborhood. Quite often these are service-related businesses such as pet groomers, cleaners, or pest removal companies. In this article we will use pest removal companies as an example, but the principles of hyper-local marketing can be applied to any business with a similar type of approach to customer acquisition and retention.


What is hyper-local?

If you go back to the basics of marketing, some of the first questions that you need to ask yourself are who are you trying to reach, what message are you trying to get to them and what action are you wanting them to take. Service-oriented businesses that work on a defined geographic catchment are generally looking at a target audience that is within easy reach of their base or home premises – there isn’t much point advertising beyond that catchment area because anyone outside of your locality isn’t really a suitable customer for what you are selling. There are a couple of really effective techniques that you can use for hyper-local marketing and in this article we’ll discuss a couple of them.


Use the technology

The idea of targeting your communications, marketing, and messages to local people that you want to connect with isn’t anything new – when you think of traditional methods of hyper-local marketing then posters, flyers, door knocking, and advertisements in the local media all count and can all be effective. However with the exponential popularity of smartphones you can now get a lot smarter with your digital marketing. Smartphones are equipped with geo-location functionality which means that there are a whole range of apps and websites that can now deliver your advertising to smartphone users specifically within your catchment area. You can increase the precision of your advertising by targeting your ads to people based on age, occupation, interests, marital status, sexuality, or just about anything else you can think of. This is effective use of your resources.


Searching for something?

It’s not just phones that have become a lot smarter. All of the popular online search engines can now use your computer’s IP address to work out where you are and deliver you search results that are geographically relevant to you. This also helps target advertisements that you are running through search engines, but it increases the importance of maximizing your organic search performance. What this means is that if someone in your catchment area searches for “pest removal company” you need to make sure that your website is being accurately indexed by the search engines so that you are listed as one of the top search results in your area. Online blogs are a great way to boost your organic search performance. Pest removal companies offering online blogs as a way to communicate to their customers are seeing great results. An example can be seen at where topics such as ‘squirrels in the attic’ are discussed, among other unusual pest related situations. This helps business communicate with potential customers and be seen as an authority, ultimately leading to more sales.

Hyper-local marketing isn’t anything new but it is important to ensure that you are effectively using the tools and capabilities out there in order to maximize the potential growth of your business.

Can You Promote Gun Safes On The Internet?

We have recently been talking to someone who has decided to create a new business in an extremely competitive field. Let’s backtrack a little first however.

In the US there are hundreds of millions of people who own firearms. In fact not only do they own one firearm but a large number of them, probably the majority, own a number or even dozens of weapons.

And over the last 12 to 18 months the US Congress, as well state legislatures, have been gradually winding back the requirements about gun ownership in the US which allow more and more people to own firearms and to use them in more public places. For example in the states of Wyoming, Arizona, Vermont and Arkansas and Alaska residents do not even require a permit to carry a concealed firearm.

And Georgia has just passed legislation which will allow permit holders to take their firearms into public places like churches, schools, libraries, restaurants, bars, youth centers, airports and more.

So there is no doubt that the American public are keen owners of firearms and will continue to be so.

Of course there are various safety implications attached to this and for this reason firearm owners have, or should have, a responsibility to make sure that their firearms are not used in dangerous ways.

In this climate the person we were speaking to last week has decided to create a new business manufacturing gun safes. These are lockable safes which are used for keeping one or more firearms under lock and key to keep them away from the prying fingers of little children or the sticky fingers of burglars who might break in, steal those weapons and used them against someone else.

So how can this man promote his gun safes on the Internet?

The manufacture and sale of gun safes in the US is an extremely competitive, business with some very large players with very large budgets. So this man has decided to promote his products exclusively on the Internet.

Of course the Internet offers a low-cost way for anyone, including business owners, to put their products or content in front of viewers. Anyone can start a website for free and even a paid website is not particularly expensive. And there are many other ways to promote products and content that do not even involve building a website, for example Facebook and Twitter.

And so this particular person has decided to launch his company which promotes various brands of gun safes and to market it online by way of a website. The website shall focus on a range of different gun safe reviews, at, and also consider many of the different gun safe models, for instance at

Of course having a website and getting people to visit it are two different things, and so he has quite a job on his hands trying to promote the website to the point where it gets significant numbers of visitors.

However he has a significant background in advertising and marketing and we have great confidence in his ability to promote his products on the website and through other avenues such as Facebook and Twitter and we will follow his gun safes website with interest.

Setting Up and Marketing a Website

The Internet is one big workplace and setting your stone on it can leave an impression on web surfers whether good or bad. One of the ways in which you can set your place on the net is not by blogs or social media accounts, but by the use of websites.

When we think of websites, we usually think of a bunch of people sitting on their computers, constantly monitoring traffic. While others constantly maintain the servers to stay online, these people are the ones you chose to entrust your website with.

The actual picture is that making a website can be as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. You just need to do the right research and ask the right people. Let’s not wait for long. It’s time to find out how to set up and market a website. Take down notes for your future reference.

Selecting a Domain Name
You need to have that ear-catching name for your website – a name that easily sparks the interest of web surfers. This will serve as your identity around the Web whether the website is about your business or about you. That is why this is very important.

It should be simple enough, obvious and of course, short. This is to make people remember your website easier.

Web Hosting
In order to let your website thrive on the internet, you need a place to keep it afloat. We’re talking about the use of web hosting services. Web hosting is the actual location of your website. It may be a computer or an office building. It doesn’t matter where you are around the world as long as you have a web hosting service, you’ll stay up and running.

Of course it’s not free. You need to pay every month with just a small fee. That wouldn’t do much harm to your wallet.

Webpage Design
This is one of the most intricate tasks in setting up any website. People are very visual species, which means that anything that is pleasing to the eyes will definitely leave their eyes glued. You need to have a good layout and a user-friendly concept to make your viewers entertained, not distracted.

You can add interactive content to make the viewers’ visits more entertaining and fun.

This will mark the end-stage in having a very successful website. You need to have enough traffic to earn from your website. Without these, nobody would even know that your site exists. This is where marketing comes up.

There are a lot of ways wherein you can promote the site. You can even use other websites by placing ads that direct to yours. It’s the same process we do when we were working on marketing for so it’s not that difficult. In addition, if you want to know more about how we turn websites into top searches on search engines, click here to see how we set up their site.

As you can see, setting up and marketing a website isn’t that time consuming. All you need are the right connections and the right people to help you.

3 Ways A Small Installment Loans Company Can Promote Itself Online

Today I wanted to have a look at 3 different ways that a small company can promote itself online. I’ll be using an example of a small finance company with a simple website about installment loans for bad credit at

The Internet is one of the most cost-effective ways for small companies to promote their products and business. In the past small companies would struggle to afford the cost of marketing themselves, particularly if they were looking to market their product world wide or nationwide.

In fact many small companies found it difficult to grow because they could only afford to market their product locally.

However the Internet is now an effective medium for cost effectively marketing a product to the world or at least to the nation.

This small company produced it’s own website called The Installment Loans Guide.

The cost of setting up the website is relatively low. A domain name costs very little and hosting costs very little, and the primary cost in setting up a website is the cost of the development of the website itself.

So let’s consider the 3 ways the company can market itself through the website.

1. Advertising

It’s perfectly possible to advertise on the Internet, both on Google and a range of other websites. The beauty of Internet advertising is that if you use Google for advertising your website you only pay when you actually attract the visitor through the advertising. There is no cost in having the advertising visible, it only costs money when you actually get a visitor.

2. Web search

Whilst it costs money to advertise on Google if you promote the website to the point where it shows prominently in Google search results then people who search related keywords will see the result in Google, click on that result and visit the website.

The beauty of this particular method of attracting visitors to the website is that it’s free. Whilst advertising on Google costs money for each single visitor reaching visitors via Google search costs nothing.

3. Social engagement

There’s a range of websites where the business is able to engage with other people on a social forum. If it is able to do that and encourage sufficient numbers of people to follow the information that it posts on that website then it will start to attract a following of interested people who may then become customers.

Of course there’s Facebook as well as Google plus and Twitter. And the business can utilize all of these places if it wishes. There is also dedicated forums of people who may have similar interests.

So there’s 3 different ways that this small loans business, which produces a website about installment loans for bad credit, and offers small value loans and other finance to people who may have financial difficulties, can promote itself on the Internet.

It’s a very cost-effective way for a small business such as this small finance and loans business to advertise its product and attract business from around the nation.

How Can A Small Aussie Forklift Licence Business Promote Itself?

Small business in Australia is tough, and it seems to be getting even tougher as the financial crisis seems to stay with us and not go away. And so it’s important for any small business to maximise its capacity to market on a budget.

So today we wanted to look at how one small Australian forklift licence business has managed to promote itself online by creating its own website, and consider the cost effectiveness of this as a marketing strategy.

This business is a small business which promotes its courses that it runs for people who wish to become forklift drivers. It offers forklift licence courses at and has been in business for a relatively short period of time providing forklift training.

Like everything nowadays there’s many others also offering forklift licence courses, and it’s particularly difficult to compete as a new player in the field. One would assume that a small business operating in a small niche such as licensing forklift drivers wouldn’t have a great deal of competition, however this isn’t necessarily the case. Just jump onto Google and type forklift licence in and you’ll see how many companies are listed there offering forklift training courses.

Of course a small business such as this could market its services in a wide range of different ways. It could advertise in the local newspaper, it could advertise on the local radio or perhaps in specific niche related magazines. And if it had the budget it could even advertise in more mainstream magazines and newspapers, though of course this is significantly more expensive.

However this business decided to market its services in one specific way, namely to create its own website. It did this after an analysis of the cost benefit ratio of various forms of marketing.

It is, of course, perfectly possible to work out how much it will cost you to get a new customer once you have some data. This business had spent some time already undertaking magazine and newspaper advertising, and was able to assess reasonably accurately how much it would cost to attract a new paying customer who wished to obtain a forklift licence.

And it decided, after some analysis, that the cheapest way of advertising its services would be to go online and build a website. Strangely enough, and contrary to common expectations, it’s not all that expensive to create a website. The costs are relatively minimal. For instance in Australia it costs around $25 to purchase a domain name for two years and around $10 to $15 a month to host a website.

Of course those aren’t the only costs in creating a website, you still need to factor in the cost of creating the site itself. However again, unexpectedly, it’s not as difficult as you might imagine to create a simple website.

And whilst it does take some time and effort to learn how to create a website once you’ve spent the time and effort you might be surprised that it’s relatively easy to do so.

And so one person designated in the business to research these matters came to the conclusion that it would be much more cost-effective to market the business via a website on the Internet that it would be to market it in any other way.

And they also learnt how to create a website, and created one. So up to that point the costs of creating the website to promote the business were virtually non-existent.

Of course that doesn’t mean that you are getting customers, only that you created the website. However if you are able to get the website listed in Google so that when local people search for a forklift licence training course they are able to find your website then you will start attracting customers.

And this is what happened. After some time the website began showing in Google and attracting visitors, and a certain percentage of those visitors contacted the company after reading the website and booked a forklift licence training course.

And once there was sufficient data available from the website the company was also able to undertake a calculation of the cost benefit analysis of attracting new business through a website, and found that the cost of attracting a new customer through the website was around a quarter of what it would cost to attract a new customer through newspaper or magazine advertising.

This is a salutary lesson to small business owners throughout Australia. It’s important to do a cost benefit analysis of all forms of potential marketing available to you, but in particular to pay some specific attention to the possibility of creating your own website to attract new customers.

Certainly for this small forklift training business a website has worked. That doesn’t mean that it will work for your business however it certainly means that it is well worth considering.